Incoming 7th grade band info for our 6th grade parents

Thursday May 18th (GIS)

Sixth graders will visit GCJHS for Orientation, including a demonstration concert by the Band (also Choir and Violins).  Later that day, students will receive a Permission Slip that will allow them to be excused from class to participate in the May 23rd Instrument “Try-ons”.

·      Tuesday May 23rd

Mr. Poncar and Mr. Basso will visit your school to “Try-on” students for instruments.

·      Wednesday May 24th

Meeting at GCJHS Cafeteria @ 7:00 pm for incoming 7th grade parents (and students, optional) to officially sign up for band and learn more about the specific instrument your child will play in band.  This will be a fairly short but very important meeting to explain details of the GCJHS Band program.

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